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Pact Guards 2 by Harry-the-Fox
Pact Guards 2
My second (and unfortunately rushed) draft for the Pact Guards- this time applying more classical post-WW2 design elements.

On the left is the most 'realistic' guard- copying exactly the steel breastplates and a gasmask of the era (the only deviation is actually that big red badge on his shoulders- which I think were a previous era's ceremonial uniforms).

In the middle is closest to my last version- transplanting the armour, but keeping everything else close to the version on the left.

On the right is an exosuit version- I planned to do a "Heavy non-exosuit" alterntive first- but it became clear that a normal human body would struggle under such heavy armour.
I designed this one to be as flexible as possible in as many axes as possible. The only front-facing part that is unarmoured is the frontal elbow- which is fixed by 'shields' attached to his arm bracers (when he raises his arm to fire, these shields will conceal the elbows). I love the added touches of the 'bandolier' like component (actually part of the exoskeleton to assist the shoulder to rotate in a pitching movement).
And of course the 'bear cap' helmet plate (which, also is intended to simply be a practical armour reinforcement- which will probably work!).
The big shoulder pads and boots were designed simply to fit the exoskeletal mechanisms (and landmine-proof his feet).

As always, colour is no issue, I can change the white gasmasks or the green armour easily.
Red March- Pact Light Guards 1 by Harry-the-Fox
Red March- Pact Light Guards 1
For the Pact.
This is a member of the elite Guards infantry, who carry better weapons and wear steel body armour.
This individual is a standard rifleman of the 'light' infantry guards (the heavier ones wear exosuits).

The inspiration for this image came from mixing real-life WW2 Soviet body armour and modern Spetznaz armour  (particularly the visors) and equipment.

More variants of the 'light' infantry, as well as some heavier exosuit infantry coming (hopefully) soon.
RM MBT Thicker by Harry-the-Fox
RM MBT Thicker
Just showing a minimal alteration to increase the 'thickness' of the tanks, consisting of three simple alterations:
1- raising the suspension (how much higher the body of the tank is relative to its tracks, in this case)
2- thickening those modules place atop the skirt armour (either double-height (shown above) or a lesser extent- about 1.5x thicker (shown below). I've kept the lines on PURPOSE to show how much thickening would need to occur
3- slight augmentations of the chassis- basically, raise the horizontal platform, make the slope of the front of the vehicle steeper. For added effect, I removed the rounded base, and placed some typical details (the hose), and sliding the headlights down). To make the chassis a little more 'consistent' to the track skirt, the part the driver's compartment rests on slopes downwards as well (only very slightly)- but of course, this can be removed to look more like real Soviet tanks, which placed the turret VERY close to the front and warranted even SMALLER driver's hatches.
RM MBT turret fun by Harry-the-Fox
RM MBT turret fun
TOP ROW (Left to right)
1- Plain (no features)
2- Only added Coaxial Machinegun and IR-lamp
3- Smokescreen and Coaxial/Lamp

4- Pure smokescreen
5- ALL non-armour components
6- Boxes and Coax/IR

7- Plain frontal armour
8- Frontal armour and rear boxes
9- Frontal armour plus space for Coaxial and IR Lamp

10- front armour + smokescreen
11- ALL components
12- pure wraparound armour

As you can see- for each combination:

-Coaxial MAchinegun + IR Lamp would add clear anti-infantry offensive capabilities- but would reduce the smokescreen or armour coverage
-Smokescreen can be added to any other component- but is most inhibited by the armour package,
-Boxes are uninhibited by the IR/Coax, slightly hampered by the smokescreen, and massively hampered by armour (especially if a smokescreen is added)
- Armour isn't hampered by any component except the Co-Ax/IR lamp- which very clearly removes frontal protection.
RM MBTs by Harry-the-Fox
A erm, basic first draft of a possible Main Battle Tank for the Pact.

Alas, this image doesn't show all the things I want- just a basic setup, the layout for the fundamental parts (eg placeholder crew hatches) and about half of the accessories I wanted to depict.

That aside, this only shows two very SPECIFIC possible combinations I had in mind, and I thought I would list the full (hypothetical) gameplay implications here (as many of these elements CAN be combined, but tend to displace each other):
The top turret features:
1- A coaxial machinegun and IR Lamp. As expected, would allow the tank to engage enemy infantry, and probably gain some extra sensory capabilities.
2- Smokescreen launchers. Real life Soviet tanks either seem to have a massive array of these displacing other frontal components- or more often, a smaller array to make space. Perhaps making a smokescreen renders the tank un-targetable for a brief moment?
3- Storage boxes- some Soviet tanks wrap these around the entire turret- but in this case, are only wrapped around the back. Implications could be out-of-combat self-repair, faster rate of fire, better crew survival or boosting nearby friendlies?

The bottom turret (also sporting flanking skirt plates):
4- Mounted on the bottom are an array of armour plates (not sure if reactive). An obvious armour boost- or maybe a 'second chance' against an anti-tank round perhaps? Most real Soviet tanks mount these along the entire front half of the tank, some making room for smokescreens seated directly behind (middle of the turret). Others remove one of the front panels to fit the IR lamp. A novel idea- the player could wrap the ENTIRE 360 degrees of turret in these, providing rear protection as well? Obviously wherever a plate is placed, another component can NOT be placed as well.
The joke is I didn't submit an April Fool's artwork this year (but as I did two last year, it makes up for it)!

(In truth I'm a bit tied up with assignments and an apprenticeship this year)

Anyway, let's hope the internet came up with better pranks than "We found the missing Malaysian Air plane" today.
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Harry Wilson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

1) Can I use your artworks?
My answer is usuially... Yes! Just ask for permission first, and what you plan to do with it, and ensure you retain my watermarks on it.
Non-profit use I often allow- but IF you are making something for profit, I do expect to be PAID :P

2- Do you take commissions or sell publishing rights to existing images?
YES. ALL of them! Notable past clients I have done this with include Penguin (Dorling Kingsley), Deisterweg and Ken Derby!
Also, if you want alterations, you will be happy to read my * point in the next question :)

3- How do you work?
In Photoshop (using layers). I simply draw the sketch, colour in beneath it, and apply 'attached' layers over the base colour for shading and such. Each character or object is often a (complete) stand alone layer I do separately and reposition in the overall artwork later- designed so I can move it around where I want, and alter the colour as required. Because I ALWAYS retain the original photoshop file, I can alter the images to suit any new preferences easily.
*In other words, if you wanted an image with the Spinosaurus by itself, I would simply click and drag it onto a new background in mere seconds (it is actually complete and high-detailed).

4) I noticed an error on your works- mind if I chime in?
YES! You are most welcome! I have had some excellent feedback about horizontal Titanosaur posture, and corrected Russian translations in the past, among many other excellent suggestions that have been a huge benefit.
-My only gripe are people who are upset at feathered dinosaurs or <20m Megalodons.

5) Are you a Furry?
NO. The ears are a joke.

6) Are you a metal-head?

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VMetalic Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
Hi Harry :)
Just wanted to say that I am somehow getting back into RAZ mood ^^
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Miro! Funny you should say that, I've been thinking the same thing...
(even had a bunch of awesome ideas for most of the units and their functions)

VMetalic Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
I got some ideas for the commandos :D Okay, where should we discuss it? Here via PM, Skype, the forum on the wiki? That one we may customize a little bit more for our needs ;)
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Probably private message on Deviant Art at the moment, we can expand to the Wiki or Skype after November 20th when my exams are done.
It'll be interesting to hear what you've got about Commandos!
(see if you can overcome my chronic hatred of CNC commandoes- all my ones are massively nerfed so infantry have a fighting chance) :P

By the way- thought of an interesting contemporary for the Tesla Tank for the Czech sub-faction:
"Mobile Iron Curtain Vehicle"-
(I actually thought of a way this could actually be balanced in gameplay!)
NicklausofKrieg Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Your works are very much more than decent, but hardly any of them have comments? I'm amazed!
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yup, so disappointing :(
PS- can say the same for your works- I especially love your turn-of-the-century infantry and arms (been trying to do a bit of that myself)
NicklausofKrieg Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
Yeah, I guess so, but yours looks like you sure as hell put more work into it than mine. Better than my work as far as concept art goes.

Also thanks for the watch and the faves!
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Cheers man, I really appreciate it :)
XXXPIMPMASTERXXX Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Student Writer
Thank you very much I appreciate your Cooperativeness!
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What do you use to make your art? Please and Thank you.
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