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Smilodon size comparison :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 15 3 Ghast Render- first draft :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 6 0 Smilodon POPULATOR size comparison. :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 16 9 Steppe Mammoth Size Comparison :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 19 17 Deinotherium Thraceiensis size comparisson :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 14 20 Paraceratherium- Enhanced Size Comparison :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 18 16 RedMarch Portrait- Work in Progress :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 3 0 African Bush Elephant :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 16 53 RM Sputnik 2 :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 11 0 Smilodon Fatalis Size :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 23 5 Tyrannosaurus Rex Scale- HYPER Enhanced :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 18 21 RM Sputnik :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 14 6 Pact Guards 2 refined :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 33 3 Male Lion Size :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 12 23 Pact Guards 2 :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 29 1 Red March- Pact Light Guards 1 :iconharry-the-fox:Harry-the-Fox 25 7


Records de los dinosaurios teropodos - cubierta :iconasier-larramendi:Asier-Larramendi 53 8 The super giant African elephant :iconasier-larramendi:Asier-Larramendi 25 13 Fort Gustav :iconsylergcs:sylergcs 3 0 The famous circus elephant: Jumbo :iconasier-larramendi:Asier-Larramendi 13 11 The king T. rex :iconasier-larramendi:Asier-Larramendi 40 41 The colossal Narmada valley elephants :iconasier-larramendi:Asier-Larramendi 31 25 Abelisaurids :iconpaleoguy:PaleoGuy 196 0 Alien Creature :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 3,345 268 Male Tyrannosaurus :icondamir-g-martin:damir-g-martin 1,451 198 Mod Rifle :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 651 22 Red Cross Dual Special :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 1,191 79 Subplasma gun :iconkaranak:KaranaK 1,230 30 Arctotherium Angustidens :iconsameerprehistorica:SameerPrehistorica 79 78 Smilodon species :iconsameerprehistorica:SameerPrehistorica 81 14 Jinx the Loose Cannon :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 4,930 178 ugly beauty :iconmartinamm:MartinAmm 10,364 1,209



Smilodon size comparison
A size comparison between Smilodon Fatalis and Populator, in case anyone wanted a direct comparison..

Not much has changed, mainly improving the face of the S. Fatalis image by referring to further skeletal references.
Ghast Render- first draft
Modelled, bumpmapped and textured entirely in Sculptris. Still have more details I'd like to put in, but so far I'm VERY happy with it.

These "Ghasts" are of course based on the subterranean monsters in Lovecraft mythos- and IMO, leagues more frightening (considering it eats other monsters, and its fellow name-holders are nothing more than a slightly tougher ghoul, a floating box with a sad face and some silly bird monster that isn't even capable of harming a little girl and a bear).
Lovecraft Ghasts are essentially a race of large (pony-sized), predatory bipeds that hop around on hooved kangaroo-like legs, boast arms with viciously clawed paws, and a flattened, vaguely humanoid face with no external nose and vicious teeth. Their skin is sickly and raw and cannot withstand sunlight. They can see and smell very well in the dark underground they reside. Their prey includes man-eating ghouls, probably any humans that wander into their realm, and sometimes they attack giant monsters called Gugs if the Ghasts are in great enough numbers.
Smilodon POPULATOR size comparison.
Another one that's been waiting to be released.

Smilodon populator was the largest machairodont- as well as the largest smilodon species ever to have existed. On top of all of this, it may well be the largest ever feline.
Though, a disclaimer. Other prehistoric cats (and in fact, a few exceptionally large modern cats) could actually reach and slightly exceed the 1.2m shoulder height, and could grow quite a bit longer. They also have much bigger, more robust heads. However, they also have leaner and more elongated builds. In contrast to this, Smilodons have much shorter- but vastly thicker bodies and forelimbs. Researchers calculating weights for each cat based on bone structure indicate Smilodon would likely have the most body-mass compared to other felines, and therefore, likely the heaviest and biggest of the feline family (other theorists suggest it weighs roughly the same as the larger felines at 300-400kg- demonstrating a fascinating trend in maximum size-limitation for feline growth).

How I depicted this animal:
1- find a photograph of a Smilodon populator skeleton filmed from the side. Re-adjust the skeleton posture to be original, more alike the upright postures I usually depict (and arguably, more natural)
2- locate the largest measurements I could find on individual bones (this being easy as I can directly compare them to the bones in the photograph). The largest specimen in the scientific literature I looked through suggested the Paris specimen (which I'm pretty certain was the photo I selected to begin with- not that it strictly matters as animals would retain largely consistent proportions).
3- Use my knowledge and extended research of feline muscular anatomy to flesh him out; become shocked when I realize Smilodon's chest and shoulders really ARE that big.
4- Do a bit of research on feline patterns to make sure I'm not going to give him a nonsensical pattern; decide to give him a faded version of my Fatalis pattern.
5- Add fur- checking what climate it lived in (South America, so comparable to a jaguar or possibly cougars).
6- Triple check a few times that everything is in order
7- Finish!

Hope you like it!
PS- if you happen to know of any other specimens that are larger than the Paris specimen- by all means let me know!
Steppe Mammoth Size Comparison
Thank you to the wonderful birthday wishes by my fellow DA-ers!

My latest chart- the largest mammoth species known to man; the Steppe Mammoth (aka Mammuthus trogontherii)! As you can see, it's freaking HUGE (the scary part is, there are elephants that grew even bigger).
This size is scaled up to JUST be the exact height as described by
Larramendi (2015).  As I mentioned, this size is rather exceptional- though the more typical sizes are about the size of exceptionally gigantic African Elephants.

Design notes:
1- The new background colour: I picked it because I felt it was gentler on the eyes when trying to read. Like it? Hate it? Want the old blue or green format back? Please let me know!
2- Fur. Although there is some debate as to whether THIS mammoth species is hairy, I would strongly lean to YES. Aside from likely being a direct descendant of the Woolly Mammoth- it, more importantly, lived in places like SIBERIA and HARBIN (China). Now, I'm no geologist, so I can't make any claim on micro-climatic effects during the
Pleistocene- I'm just casually making an assumption that these regions (which were in the same position back then) might get cold during winter-time (more info below).
3- Ears; I depicted the ears as straight downward flops, assuming (again) it was cold and would probably want to hold its ears in an attempt to stop icy winds tickling its eardrums.

Plus, while my knowledge of Siberian climate is entirely vicarious, I can vouch personally that Harbin is REALLY, REALLY friggin cold
Just to convey how cold it is- my tolerance of cold climates is astronomical. A modern-day viking of legend wearing light clothing during midwinter nights on Frankfurt station level.
I can wear a t-shirt in the Australian outback before the sun-rises (deserts are sub-zero before the first rays come through- and usually eskimo suit temperature for the northern-European tourists who were with me).
In Harbin, I had to wear like, 3 eskimo suits over each other, and my eyelashes formed stalactites. The air is so cold I had to breathe through my own scarf to stop my own lungs from solidifying into ice. The idea that this place could ever be warm all-year round is simply alien to me. So I refuse to believe it!

Hope you like it!
Hey all.

I just wanted to first apologize for the lack of content for video game art (I've been doing a lot, but most of it is top-secret), and other art, due to being strapped for time with Statistics homework.

Secondly, you may notice I'm starting to accumulate a lot of size-comparison charts of various animals that you might like to see compared against each OTHER.
That's exactly what I'm doing.

My plan:

Comparison of proboscideans ("elephant broader family"):
--African (average)
--African (maximum)
--Deinotherium (Thraceiensis)
--Steppe Mammoth
--Palaeloxodon Namadicus
-Possibly also including others Deinotheriums, mammoths and Asiatic Elephants and such
....and accumulating a few "rhino" species to compare them to (Paraceratherium, Elasmotherium, White rhinoceros)

And of course, I plan to do something similar for large felines (alive and extinct), various predatory dinosaurs, large ornithopod dinosaurs, sauropods... large marine creatures....


.....a massively updated version on my old Megafauna size comparison chart!
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Harry Wilson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

1) Can I use your artworks?
My answer is usually... Yes! Just ask me first.
Non-profit use I often allow for free- for anything else..

2- Do you take commissions or sell publishing rights to existing images?
YES. ALL of them! And I can alter them to suit your needs very easily. Notable past clients I have done this with include Penguin (Dorling Kingsley), Deisterweg, Ken Derby and Stuart Leigh!

3- How do you work?
In Photoshop (using separate layers). I simply draw the sketch, colour in beneath it, and draw on any other layers (shading, patterns, texture). I save jpgs AND The original layered Photoshop file, so I can make changes wherever necessary.

4) I noticed an error on your works- mind if I chime in?
YES! You are most welcome! I have had some excellent feedback about horizontal Titanosaur posture, and corrected Russian translations in the past, among many other excellent suggestions that have been a huge benefit and actually applied in my works. Please be sure to read my (sometimes lengthy) descriptions as I may touch on these.

5) Are you a Furry? Goth? Metalhead?
Nope (long story about the creepy ears). Sorta. Hell yes.


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