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RM Vanquisher 5 gun variants by Harry-the-Fox
RM Vanquisher 5 gun variants
PHEW! This has been a big one- and it's only the FIRST in a very long series of images for the Vanquisher Super Heavy Tank (for RED MARCH)!
In the spirit of mix-and-match component construction, I've begun a series dedicated to the many, many, many possible variants of the Vanquisher:
This is only the the FIRST variant: the 5-turreted version (sorta T-35-esqe, perhaps like a land battleship). Basically the layout consists of a pair of smaller turrets on the front AND behind a larger main turret- which in turn may-or-may-not be able to mount an additional weapon system on the roof.

For a rundown of other possible variants I'm going to try out, see ***** at the bottom:

To the team- keep reading,  (and sorry, but brace yourselves for the GREAT WALL OF DESCRIPTIVE TEXT!) :P

Firstly, and most importantly: these are NOT four different versions: merely four different POSSIBLE turret configurations, chassis designs and other features RANDOMLY put together.
What we need is to pick ONE turret configuration we want to go with, and ONE chassis design that we are going to apply to ALL other variations (which I will do soon, so we might want to wait and see if what works this time will work for the others****), AND any other features on one you like and feel MUST be included.
In other words, you do NOT have to just pick 1,2,3 or 4: pick bits and pieces you like, and I'll put them together to make a perfect hybrid!

Now, let me run through each (mixed) design (note the chassis are shown blank so you can set them apart easily).
Note, I will mention whether the "bases" (those round platforms the turrets sit on) or the "driver's compartment" must be separate components. This isn't a bad thing at all- just explaining when it is necessary or not, and whether we can get away with adding them OR leaving them out. We might prefer it either way- note that in the case of the driver's compartments, any variant**** that requires a low, centered gun will need to relocate the driver's compartment anyway.

My first attempt (slightly gimpy perspective, so beware!)
The "classic" chassis is just my first attempt at a chassis- a bit of a mix of the other three chassis designs- and trapezoidal (though not as tight-topped as 3-trapezoid) with skirting on the tracks (which I left out of the others as they looked cartoony- plus it might look better on OTHER variants****).
The "Fort" simply has a rectangular box placed on the chassis, 4 cylinder turret bases on each corner, a round driver's compartment on front, with a conical mount for the main gun. Note that as the AA guns point up, there MIGHT be a possibility that this version (raised platform for the mini-turrets) fails to position the MAIN gun high enough so the barrels don't go through each other- this CAN be fixed simply by making the main gun's platform taller. The upside to this design is that because the mini-turrets are positioned wider apart, they could easily shoot UP without appearing to shoot through the barrels of the main gun.
NO attachments have been placed on the turret- it simply allows you to see what it would look like by itself.

"Deck" on "Deck"
The "Deck" chassis has a wider roof, allowing components to simply be placed straight on top without any extra 'base' objects to position them on (in this case, the mini turrets). Driver's compartment will need to be added on top, probably. Note that doing this with the mini-guns places them closer together (which depends if you like this more- though they JUST peek around the twin barrels of the main gun). The crew entry hatches on the sides give you more options for omitting these doors on the addon components (though this might need to be done anyway for one of the other variants below ****. The 'panel' design can be easily removed (a mere texture) but I think it helps make the tank look bigger and/or more hitech (in my opinion).
The main turret and conical platform have been placed on top of an octagonal platform (to raise its height clear above the AA guns). I added railings for extra effect.
ON the turret itself, I've attached the fixed-axis MRLS in it's LARGEST possible size (without looking silly), which however, makes the possibility of an aurora sharing the space difficult.
And on the front of the turret an optics pod + periscope (Though I think I will change it later- looks odd).

"Stratified" on "trapezoid"
This "Trapezoid" chassis is pretty much the same as the other two- except it tapers to a NARROWER roof at the top (without being taller)- though all the details clutter it up, it COULD look good, and would fit the driver's compartment and engine piece VERY nicely (not that it would be hard to mount them on any of the other designs, probably). However, it might require the steepest slant of all of the designs, potentially reducing the interior space and being the most dependent on separate bases for the mini-turrets (in other words, the exact opposite of the "deck" chassis).
the "Stratified" turret configuration is similar to the "fort"- except the mini-turrets are NOT attached to the Octagonal base, and are MUCH shorter (to maximize the height difference from the main turret while allowing it to remain as short as possible). Added a protective cage around it for extra effect.
Mounted on the roof is a SHARED space between a shrunken MRLS (smallest it can get without looking silly) and a "node"-style Aurora defense system (basically a bunch of Tesla coils poking outwards, forming a protective ring around the MRLS- implied they simply spread a web of electricity around when enemy fire is incoming, rather than target them directly). The periscope didn't really fit as a result though.

"Curvy" and "dome"
The "Dome" chassis differs from the above by being rounded instead of trapezoidal. Looks roomy and strong- but certainly requires the driver's compartment to be a separate component.
The "Curvy" addons are all largely separate pieces that simply fit where you want them to (and they seem to take up less space, allowing the 5 turrets to be pushed further forward and more space left on the back to imply some space for the engines!).  The driver's compartment is also a curvy dome. The main-gun's platform is simply extended further downward and has a railing wrapping around (similar to that experimental heavy tank).
The turret has a stand-alone optional-component Aurora (a more laser-defense style turret than a fixed node)- based on some (supposed) Soviet attempts to make a laser (and a few alleged modern Russian designs).
A few alternatives are shown on the side for reference. I want to raise a point about this device- I strongly recommend it be an optional addon ather than an in-built feature: as you can see it's visually more pleasing to see a large object serving a function (Emperor Devestator on the other hand looked odd with a microscopic launcher demolishing what a giant tank could not) and also because prevents it from being overpowered (a super-tank that is immune to anti-tank weapons). :P
The optics and periscope are built more like attachments to the turret than in-built. Again, I'll do some proper work on these.

OK, that's all I can think of for these- if you have any questions, ask!

****OH! And the alternative variants I mentioned:
1-Super-turret variant (one very large mammoth-tank turret that can house either two gigantic barrels or 3 'smaller' barrels equal to this current version)- my own design
2- Fixed-gun "Tank Destroyer" shape. Has an even larger gun than (1) poking out the front. Does massive damage. As according to the diagram provided. May include mini-turrets.
3- Roof-mounted howitzer: Basically, that super-long real-life Soviet artillery piece grafted on top ("again, similar to a few of the alternatives shown).
4- "mammoth" Self-propelled gun. A twin-barreled mini-howitzer (about the size of the main gun on THIS 5-gun version) with only TWO front-side mini-turrets)
5- TWO MAIN GUNS- basically platforms for TWO main guns but nothing else. A lower one on the front, a higher on on the back (similar to a lot of heavy tanks allegedly proposed by the soviets). These turret bases could alternatively mount large MRLSs or small artillery pieces???
6- Command Vehicle/APC (basically a large brick with either troop compartments or command materials- with 4-6 mini-turrets on the roof and plenty of space for addons.
It's my birthday!
Just wanted to thank everyone for their wishes!

PS- right now I'm doing a colossal RED MARCH compilation- I'm going to do a massive shotgun (grapeshot??) presentation of all potential Vanquisher chassis and components- so I'll be down for a while simply because of that. I'll also try to get out some more animal pictures soon :)
RedMarch- Vanquisher- Roof 1- MRLS by Harry-the-Fox
RedMarch- Vanquisher- Roof 1- MRLS
For upcoming game RED MARCH.
Yet another component of the Vanquisher Super-Heavy Tank: a roof-mounted MRLS.
I based this off a Yugoslavian launcher, wanting something highly compacted (would comfortably sit on the main turret), yet large enough to convincingly threaten enemy tanks.

Dear team: What do you think? I was thinking it could be a good idea to actually remove the base and simply have this launcher simply welded to the back (fixed axis to the turret).
I also had an idea; I reckon we should limit the turret roof to ONE single upgrade (either MRLS, the Aurora device, and probably even a 'command' module (surveillance cupolas, machineguns etc) that enhance fighting ability of nearby units? This would add some extra tactical deliberation- plus it allows larger and more impressive models to be placed on the roof.
Basilosaurus- Size Comparison by Harry-the-Fox
Basilosaurus- Size Comparison
Finally get to do another palaeontological size comparison chart! And something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Basilosaurus, almost named Zeuglodon, due to the fact it wasn't actually a reptile. This animal was one of the earliest known large whales to swim the seas, not to mention remained one of the largest predators for tens of millions of years.

The skeletal model for this was referenced mainly from numerous various museum displays of the animal- they're constructions are largely consistent (though they vary significantly over placing the forelimbs ventrally (bottom) or laterally (sides)- I just decided to pick the latter, though thinking about it- probably should have picked the former)
The biggest difference that I've included (which also raises the impression of lateral flippers) is BLUBBER. Considering that whales, dugongs and seals each convergently evolved this adaptation, and the broad scientific support that Basilosaurs had this too, I had a feeling that most constructions had suffered a severely bad case of shrink-wrapping (or creatively emphasizing the "Saur" part of its name).
Just to be sure, I had a careful look at the skeletons, and found that there is really no major anatomical differences that suggest the Basilosaurus wouldn't "fit" inside a blubber suit while remaining streamlined.

Some clarification:
-All whales are predatory- filter-feeders, sperm whales all eat other animals (krill and squid respectively).
-It's true that as far as length goes, only larger Baleen whales clearly exceed it. Shastasaurus sikanniensis (damn typo) and the occasional Sperm whale could have also done likewise. I omitted any other gigantic predators (including likely larger Megalodon and Livyatan) as the majority of evidence doesn't really suggest either was actually LONGER).
-Whales DO still have vestigial hind leg bones- these are buried inside their bodies, so very few people actually realize they still have them.
-Yes, I managed to somehow find a reasonably succinct way to describe the vestigilizing(?) process without simply saying the much-maligned "De-evolved" (to be fair, it is lexically nonsensical)
-The stuff about the Melon is pretty straightforward; modern whales have massive concave depressions in their skull where the melon would sit- Basilosaurus have a plain mammal head- a melon is pretty unlikely.
-Oh yeah- measurements done with photoshop- I programmed the scale to meters (measuring the human's height as 1.8), so the whale is exactly 19m long, including the tail flipper. Additional measurements (skull length) were checked just to be sure.

Hope to release more mega-fauna comparisons soon- including re-creating the large whales I have done previously.
RM- Vanquisher Mini Turrets 4 by Harry-the-Fox
RM- Vanquisher Mini Turrets 4
Phew! Exams are over! Back to work on Red March!

I've been sitting on this concept thinking of any alternate turret ideas I could replace them with, but didn't come up with anything I liked that deviated too much from these;.
Just going over the potential turret types. As requested:
1-the Rocket Launcher has been moved to the Gatling gun turret (I additionally added portholes, in case a hybrid design is preferred);
2- elements from each flamethrower have been combined into a hybrid.
3- I also altered the 'standard' top-right turret (plain) to show a slightly more similar design to the bottom two turrets
As mentioned in the picture, these compositions don't have to be final at all; the gun and other features should be fairly easy to attach to either turret design.
The joke is I didn't submit an April Fool's artwork this year (but as I did two last year, it makes up for it)!

(In truth I'm a bit tied up with assignments and an apprenticeship this year)

Anyway, let's hope the internet came up with better pranks than "We found the missing Malaysian Air plane" today.
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Harry Wilson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

1) Can I use your artworks?
My answer is usuially... Yes! Just ask for permission first, and what you plan to do with it, and ensure you retain my watermarks on it.
Non-profit use I often allow- but IF you are making something for profit, I do expect to be PAID :P

2- Do you take commissions or sell publishing rights to existing images?
YES. ALL of them! Notable past clients I have done this with include Penguin (Dorling Kingsley), Deisterweg and Ken Derby!
Also, if you want alterations, you will be happy to read my * point in the next question :)

3- How do you work?
In Photoshop (using layers). I simply draw the sketch, colour in beneath it, and apply 'attached' layers over the base colour for shading and such. Each character or object is often a (complete) stand alone layer I do separately and reposition in the overall artwork later- designed so I can move it around where I want, and alter the colour as required. Because I ALWAYS retain the original photoshop file, I can alter the images to suit any new preferences easily.
*In other words, if you wanted an image with the Spinosaurus by itself, I would simply click and drag it onto a new background in mere seconds (it is actually complete and high-detailed).

4) I noticed an error on your works- mind if I chime in?
YES! You are most welcome! I have had some excellent feedback about horizontal Titanosaur posture, and corrected Russian translations in the past, among many other excellent suggestions that have been a huge benefit.
-My only gripe are people who are upset at feathered dinosaurs or <20m Megalodons.

5) Are you a Furry?
NO. The ears are a joke.

6) Are you a metal-head?

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