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RM- Vanquisher Newstyle alt version by Harry-the-Fox
RM- Vanquisher Newstyle alt version
Experimental alternate appearance for Zeyd

Basically placed a 'wraparound' shell that partially obscures the mini turrets

Also replaced the integrated aurora/MRLS with separate components.
RM- Vanquisher New style by Harry-the-Fox
RM- Vanquisher New style
I'm back- and for some reason am more perceptive. So I decided to have another shot at the Vanquisher- this time a holistic rather than piecemeal approach.

Some features:

The Aurora Electro-Laser defense system is fully-integrated into the general design, rather than a separate stand-alone feature- it's the crimson-coloured donut sitting below the (optional) MRLS. A bit of ventilation wrapped immediately around helps infer further integration.
Lots of crates- added for a bit of style- but more importantly to emphasize this tank is designed for long-term survival post-nuclear strike.
Main turret inspired by a lot of 50s/60's era (but then state-of-the-art) heavy tanks. The joint-axis twin gun allows me to switch from a ball-socket gun to a typical later Soviet 'hinge' socket
Main Turret base: I tried a LOT of designs including a 'wraparound'  behind the minis to make them appear flush/wrapped (sadly requires smaller,flatter, more disparate minis), a perfectly round circle or cone (looks like it's balancing on a narrow tower) and rectangular (not Soviet-esque)- and managed to find a happy medium with the current version- which is a wide (laterally) rectangle with rounded edges- slightly wider at the bottom. I want it to appear to overlap and 'bite into' the hull (below) a bit, while still retaining some of it. Plain and boring by itself, I decided it would be perfect to mount some...... containers! (also restores the large 'tile' armour appearance from the original diagram somewhat))
Mini-Turrets; purely stylized but based (vaguely) on typical Soviet ship-based AA turrets I've played with earlier. The (possible?) guns shown are 2x 25mm autocannons, and a light tank gun. I couldn't decide on optics, as all have advantages and disadvantages:
    a- symmetrical and top-mounted; looked great, but potentially made the turrets too TALL (bad as a big turret peers over them)
    b- asymmetrical, same on each turret (easiest solution- but looked weird- all turrets would have an optic pod on the right of the cannon, whether they were portside or starboardside?)
    c- asymmetrical, left/right relative to turret position; looks great, but might present some complexity; we'd need to artificially 'glue' an optic-pod object onto each- or have left/right duplicates of each turret.
Hull; Retaining the nice dome shape with a squashed, almost rectangular form helps me fit more stuff on top. Unlike my previous designs, this dome does NOT extend the full length of the chassis- instead terminating about a meter towards the front (the tracks and lower-chassis extend the rest of the way)- and recedes even moreso to the back- which allows me to place either more containers- or even more typical tank features like a fuel cell, or engine exhaust- and of course proper crew-entry hatches.
The tracks- jumping well away from the post-war designs and into the 60s, combat-oriented tanks had proper skirts. These I researched from real Soviet tanks (and slightly made up a few details). I've scrapped the double-width tracks because it isn't really feasible on a multi-turreted tank like this (the crew wouldn't fit). I've found a cure for the 2x-vs-4x track design, and how to incorporate the ladder (I was an idiot for not thinking of this before)- it is simply built into a special section of skirt. Yep. Anyway, this means that if we opt for a 2x design anyway, it makes virtually no profound visible difference to the rest of its design. Also the tracks no longer have to be so narrow to fit a ladder between them (and I'm sure the crew would be less afraid to climb up while someone is starting up the engine).

Hope you like it!
Tyrannosaurus Rex Scale- Enhanced by Harry-the-Fox
Tyrannosaurus Rex Scale- Enhanced
It's back and better than ever!
Original still here:…

An ultra-accurate size comparison of a large (but not largest) Tyrannosaurus Rex to what has to be the most apathetic 1.8m (six foot) man ever witnessed in a size-chart.

This came about due to some glaring problems with the original work (which I kept up); mainly the legs were much too short (plus the ears were missing and the 'spur' toes faced the wrong direction).
While these things were niggling at my mind, I simply dismissed it due to an extremely intense schedule of late. One gentleman pointed out the legs were too short;
"Nonsense!" I said "I based this closely on a number of real-life museum specimen (taken from a roughly side-on angle too)! You must be experiencing an optical illusion!"

But, after getting a short break, I looked again and compared some more skeletons, and realized to my horror the gentleman was RIGHT, and I (and the museum that I modeled the legs from) were WRONG.
So I set to work scrutinizing each part across a number of specimens and reconstructions (also scrutinizing these- with a few bird anatomy images just in case), and found a number of flaws that prompted the following fixes:
1- The legs were in fact too short; mainly the shanks were extremely short, when these should be the longest leg segment by a significant margin. Also checking how the joints actually fitted together, corrected the positions of leg segments and their size before reshaping them into a slightly more feasible running motion.
2- Toes; restored them all to their correct size and length, and reversed the 'spur' toes to face 'backwards' like the others do (as a lot of intact-trapped-in-the-rock fossils of Tyrannosauroids demonstrate this.
3- EARS- these (as I suspected) are located at the very rear of the skull in a hard-to-see cavity. This took a long time to track down, as very few reliable sources demonstrate this. Bird skulls weren't so useful, because their ear sockets are often convex and very easy to spot.
4- SINISTER EYES- my original showed something a lot more 'synapsid'; I thought nothing of it at first, but when I paid close attention to bird eyes I realized they are very little alike. As it is overwhelmingly likely that dinosaurs had eyes like birds (sharing skeletal features and soft-tissue structural similarities) I decided to replace the old eyes with something based closely off an eagle. It now looks intensely diabolical- which I promise is a fortunate side-effect. This actually IS very likely what it's eyes looked like (at least compared to my last version).
5- Pelvis and thorax; The first was again, based off a museum structure that assumed it pointed 'downwards'- making the creature's body much fatter than it really was. The thorax was a tiny bit short so I lengthened it.
6- Skin. Did a touch up on shading, clarity and detail.

Some other details:
1 Feathers. Part of the theory of 'feather loss' for megafauna is certainly true in mammals; elephants are born fluffy (sort of- you can certainly spot the hairs more easily), but as they grow larger, their hair becomes sparse- but they don't actually lose their hairy hides. It is observed in a few animals (vultures and geese)- though not as extreme as this. Fossil evidence does indicate some dinosaurs did actually develop primarily scaly hides, demonstrating that this is certainly possible. While birds also demonstrate it is possible for dinosaurs to have a patchwork of scales and solid feathers, I considered against it as modern birds don't seem to be able to do this as well (their bodies always have a strong coat of feathers, with any bare spots being purely smooth skin)- inferring a possible additional dependency on feathers for bodily protection against elements.
2 Arms- depicted bulky because they were in fact extremely strong. Fun fact- the arms never 'shrunk' as usual size/arm ratio models indicate; T-rex's tiny ancestors already had tiny forelimbs!
3- No shinkwrapping. I added bulk, fat, muscle, thick skin because that's normal for any animal. :P
4- Size? Also true! Many theropods grow longer than T-rex, but they have much leaner builds- implying T-rex might be heavier; the gigantic Spinosaurus included. However, its own length is likely considerably greater than any other theropod by a great margin- and its own bones were uniquely completely solid inside- a contrast to T-Rex's air-filled bones (separating two important theories; the air-filled bones have been a powerful explanation as to why dinosaurs could grow so large; while the solid-bones of Spinosaurus supports the 'aquatic lifestyle' theory, respectively); thus it likely had the strongest chance of tipping the scales.
Enjoy- many more coming soon!
Nihilanth by Harry-the-Fox
Here's a portrait I did of one of my favorite video game enemies- the Nihilanth of Half-Life.

I deviated a bit from the in-game design, mainly applying a few details from the original sketch (the 3 extra eyes on his forehead), a bit of proto-typical xen features (the orifices on the sides of the face), and the head cavity is inward-curving.

Also a bit of fun to experiment with special effects in an attempt to convey a bit of 'motion' in the image (particularly radiating out of his head).

Hope you like it!
Updates coming soon:
Hey all- once again it's exam season; Coming soon (in about a week and a half) will be further works for RED MARCH, and I will be massively enhancing my Tyrannosaurus image- along with bringing the massively enhanced T-rex vs African Bush Elephant size comparison.
Stay Tuned
The joke is I didn't submit an April Fool's artwork this year (but as I did two last year, it makes up for it)!

(In truth I'm a bit tied up with assignments and an apprenticeship this year)

Anyway, let's hope the internet came up with better pranks than "We found the missing Malaysian Air plane" today.
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Harry Wilson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

1) Can I use your artworks?
My answer is usuially... Yes! Just ask for permission first, and what you plan to do with it, and ensure you retain my watermarks on it.
Non-profit use I often allow- but IF you are making something for profit, I do expect to be PAID :P

2- Do you take commissions or sell publishing rights to existing images?
YES. ALL of them! Notable past clients I have done this with include Penguin (Dorling Kingsley), Deisterweg and Ken Derby!
Also, if you want alterations, you will be happy to read my * point in the next question :)

3- How do you work?
In Photoshop (using layers). I simply draw the sketch, colour in beneath it, and apply 'attached' layers over the base colour for shading and such. Each character or object is often a (complete) stand alone layer I do separately and reposition in the overall artwork later- designed so I can move it around where I want, and alter the colour as required. Because I ALWAYS retain the original photoshop file, I can alter the images to suit any new preferences easily.
*In other words, if you wanted an image with the Spinosaurus by itself, I would simply click and drag it onto a new background in mere seconds (it is actually complete and high-detailed).

4) I noticed an error on your works- mind if I chime in?
YES! You are most welcome! I have had some excellent feedback about horizontal Titanosaur posture, and corrected Russian translations in the past, among many other excellent suggestions that have been a huge benefit.
-My only gripe are people who are upset at feathered dinosaurs or <20m Megalodons.

5) Are you a Furry?
NO. The ears are a joke.

6) Are you a metal-head?

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