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RedMarch Portrait- Work in Progress by Harry-the-Fox
RedMarch Portrait- Work in Progress
Just a stab at designing portraits. No character in particular, just what came to my head.

Some issues that still need to be fixed.
1- The entire clothes (obviously)
2- Head is a little skewed- will need to fix that with distort/warp tools after flattening the layers
3- Matching lighting of neck match the inside of the metal collar.
4- Forehead hasn't been worked on yet.
African Bush Elephant by Harry-the-Fox
African Bush Elephant
My first work of 2016!
I've had this for a while and decided to finalize and finish it.

I constructed this by assembling a LOT of photos of African Bush Elephants (filmed from approximately-to-exactly sideways) and drawing an 'average' of all of them to be as 'sideways' as possible, and incorporating features and postures that were consistent between them. To measure them I used the Photoshop "Ruler" tool, programmed to measure in meters, and scaled the man and the two elephants to fit. 

To be honest, I'm seriously shocked how large these animals could get! I've been so used to the size of Asian Elephants (as seen in Taronga Zoo- which are already gigantic) that this size took me by surprise!
I should point out that the majority of mammoths and prehistoric elephants are actually quite a bit smaller than the largest African Bush Elephant (and I'd wager, ceratopsian and theropod dinosaurs). That said, there were many prehistoric land animals that grew bigger- Sauropods, hadrosauroids, the mammal Paraceratherium, and other proboscidieans like Deinotherium, the Steppe Mammoth, and the giant straight-tusked elephant, palaeoloxodon namadicus.
(I'll get around to illustrating these animals later)

RM Sputnik 2 by Harry-the-Fox
RM Sputnik 2
As the balloon version has been unanimously supported (including, admittedly, by me, hehe) I've decided to do some expansions on it.
These simply show three alternate configurations for the propulsion that originates from the ventral engine unit, rather than the baloon's body (each with a front-facing diagram).

(took me a while, as I went through a few ideas that simply turned out looking terrible)

The top one places a tiny, discrete propulsion system below and to the rear of the baloon.

The second-from-top (left side) version shows "V" wing configuration with turbines on either side of the balloon, with steering 'fins' extending beyond (these could probably be horizontal wings, though I think this configuration looks more 'contained' and neat).

The bottom one removes those long antenna at the bottom and places a larger turbine in their place- giving the Sputnik a more bottom-heavy but nice look (the turbine could probably be bigger than what I depicted).
Smilodon Fatalis Size by Harry-the-Fox
Smilodon Fatalis Size
Happy Holidays to everyone!
Trying something new, I've decided to try some prehistoric mammals.

This time, the famous Smilodon Fatalis!
S. Fatalis was the SECOND largest species of Smilodon member of the now extinct Machairadont cat family (the largest being Smilodon Populator), and are not, in fact closely related to tigers or lions at all.
Compared to the Panthera group of large cats that live with us today, Smilodons had massively enlarged canines (the most obvious difference); along with shorter, stockier bodies; thicker, longer legs; longer and massively enlarged forelimbs, a longer neck, and a smaller, shorter skull with a smaller jawbone.

These animals lived in North America during the Pleistocene up until only 10,000 years ago!
Living in temperate areas that today can in some places fall below freezing, I have presumed it would have lived in a very cold climate and depicted it with a shaggy coat.
(Note- this may mildly skew how large its body was- if you were to subtract the longer shaggier fur from its underbelly, you would get a more accurate idea of how lean its body really was.)

As for the note about its size compared to lions and tigers- overall true- but with some major exceptions. On average, most lions, bengal tigers and siberian tigers only reach 90cm at the shoulder, and about the same head-to-rump length- but greatly lacking robustness, clearly putting the Smilodon in the lead.
The largest of the above cats, however, massively exceeds even the Smilodon Fatalis- the largest lions and tigers reach 1.2m at the shoulder- pointing out that these animals have much shorter legs for their size than the stilty legs of Smilodon Fatalis. That said, scientific studies suggest S.Fatalis was still heavier, thanks to its brawnier build.

To be honest, I'm actually shocked it grew this big, I was genuinely expecting it to be a lot smaller. The crazy part is, as I mentioned, it's not even the biggest species (he'll be coming soon).
Tyrannosaurus Rex Scale- HYPER Enhanced by Harry-the-Fox
Tyrannosaurus Rex Scale- HYPER Enhanced
The third (and for now, final) version of my Tyrannosaurus size chart. A few more minor adjustments on the form (mainly to limb proportion), and major improvements in detail (it may not be apparent on this image, but the detail is extensive enough that the individual scales now have shine and shade effects.

A few points:

This was probably the most difficult thing to research as Tyrannosauroids varied from fossil evidence suggesting fully-feathered bodies (Yutyrannus) to suggesting scaly bodies (Tarbosaurus). The only skin impressions of Tyrannosaurus came from a tiny portion of the underside of its tail- confirming that region, at least, was scaly. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the animal was fully scaled- as some dinosaurs, most notably Kulindadromeus- had fully scaly tails, but fully-feathered bodies. What became the most decisive factor was my investigation of OTHER large dinosaurs that lived in North America alongside Tyrannosaurus at roughly the same time period. The most famous cases were the dinosaur mummies (Dakota and Leonardo)- both Hadrosaurs- being entirely scaled- with other large contemporaries such as Triceratops also indicating scaly skin. Based on this, it started to become a lot more apparent that Cretaceous-era North America largely held a climate (likely warmer) warranting scaly hides on large dinosaurs (either that, or Tyrannosaurus Rex's remaining body surface was an exception). Instead I presumed that it likely evolved from a densely feathered animal that evolved for a hotter climate by shedding feather coverage and becoming more extensively scaled like the other animals. I studied a lot of reptilian skin to figure out how to make it as realistic a texture as possible, and applied many layers of adjustments over the old version. A thin layer of fuzz was added on top.
An easier part to figure out was how NOT to 'shrink-wrap' the animal. Instead I presumed it would have a thick hide with creases and folds, musculature and fat layers adding more density to the body. Like every animal alive today.

Limbs and tail
The arms have been made as muscular as the shoulder joints could possibly infer due to substantial evidence that these were extremely strong and actively used by the animal (including, according to Carpenter (2002), retaining a degree of grasping proficiency as demonstrated in other theropods). What is certain is that these arms, despite being small for their size, were NOT the scrawny twigs most people depict them as. Also, the forelimbs face inwards, as Tyrannosaurus, like most other large theropods, were unable to pronate their 'hands'.
The hind-legs are muscular- not only was Tyrannosaurus heavier than other large theropods, but it had a curiously enlarged hips for broader leg musculature.
These, along with special muscles connecting the thighs to the tail, allowed the animal to run at faster speeds than previously expected. The tail therefore is shown with extensive musculature strongly anchored to the thighs and body- as they not only helped it run, but also to keep balance and likely, to make tighter, more coordinated turns.

The eyes are based on eagle eyes; as both animals are predatory theropods, it is highly likely they would have eyes of a roughly similar shape.
The joke is I didn't submit an April Fool's artwork this year (but as I did two last year, it makes up for it)!

(In truth I'm a bit tied up with assignments and an apprenticeship this year)

Anyway, let's hope the internet came up with better pranks than "We found the missing Malaysian Air plane" today.
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Harry Wilson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

1) Can I use your artworks?
My answer is usually... Yes! Just ask me first.
Non-profit use I often allow for free- for anything else..

2- Do you take commissions or sell publishing rights to existing images?
YES. ALL of them! And I can alter them to suit your needs very easily. Notable past clients I have done this with include Penguin (Dorling Kingsley), Deisterweg, Ken Derby and Stuart Leigh!

3- How do you work?
In Photoshop (using separate layers). I simply draw the sketch, colour in beneath it, and draw on any other layers (shading, patterns, texture). I save jpgs AND The original layered Photoshop file, so I can make changes wherever necessary.

4) I noticed an error on your works- mind if I chime in?
YES! You are most welcome! I have had some excellent feedback about horizontal Titanosaur posture, and corrected Russian translations in the past, among many other excellent suggestions that have been a huge benefit and actually applied in my works. Please be sure to read my (sometimes lengthy) descriptions as I may touch on these.

5) Are you a Furry? Goth? Metalhead?
Nope (long story about the creepy ears). Sorta. Hell yes.

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hero-historian Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I just had some thoughts to expand the arsenals of both factions, if you're willing to hear.
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Fire away!
hero-historian Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I've been thinking of various units to emphasize the themes of either faction (though I focused more on the Allies because I tend to prefer them).
I tend to see the Allies focus more on tactics, speed, versatility, subterfuge and variety while the Soviets use brute force, strong vehicles, cheap infantry and (factoring Yuri) psychics and genetics.
So Allies first:  you have a general fighter and a supersonic fighter-bomber, how about a sort of heavy, carpet-bombing type; you've featured units from France, Germany, and even Japan and Turkey, how about commandos and snipers (a la SAS) and sappers and artillery (say something 45-pounderish) from the UK or line infantry (like hoplites) and ships (like Athens navy) from Greece; and what if there was resistance amongst the Soviets, like Polish partisans or Finnish fighters (alliteration intended).
As for the Soviets:  the Reds were known to use subs, and in RA1 they had ballistic subs I think, same for Yuri's forces; I think something oppressive would be fitting, say a lightly armored vehicle with anti-personnel weapons used to quell uprisings and transport troops in occupied territories; lastly, I think their should be some form of elite troops, something beyond the conscript cannon-fodder feel but still human like some form of shock troops.
Man, this is the LONGEST comment I ever wrote, hands down.
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Cheers- as a matter of fact I can answer quite a few of them, as I've modified the arsenals quite a bit.

For the Allies, they do indeed get a 'sort of' Carpet Bomber in the form of a Spectre Gunship- it functions like a fighter, only instead of firing bombs at a single target, it simply fires explosive cannons randomly at whatever it flies past (as well as a more controlled circle-strafing secondary attack).
That aside they got standard strike fighters, Nighthawks, and probably a shorter-ranged Prism Chopper for harassing enemy artillery lines. Hypersonic bombers and air superiority fighters, as well as a special infantry-deploying siege aircraft are going to some Allied Nations.

The Soviets are effectively controlled entirely by Yuri- so a lot of psychic units are present, including a lot of Yuri's Revenge units as Nationals (Mastermind, Magnetron, and soldiers with Gatling guns).

I did consider a ballistic submarine as a national unit (though for the Allies, as they completely lack submarines).

Greece is likely going to be part of the Soviets (most likely route to gain independence from the Germans), and the Finns have joined the Oslo Group Allied National faction (being on Germany's side, and definitely not the Soviets, they would certainly join them).

As for elite soldiers; Tesla Troopers and Chrono Legionairres fit the bill (both in the lore, and the fact I plan to make these units far more powerful).
The new expensive Soviet Tesla Troopers now have ultra-heavy armour, and their short-range Tesla gun simply insta-kills infantry and most vehicles- to top it off, they can power down enemy structures. In short, they represent a similar threat as a Kirov airship. The Legionairres also pack heavier armour, and I'm investigating some secondaries to make them more destructive (overall, depending on what the game engine can and can't do).

Most other elite units are national-only for gameplay restraint: SAS Sniper, Centurion Trooper, Crazy Ivan commando, Ninja, Desolator, to list a few.
I avoid heroes and standard commandoes because for me they kinda broke Red Alert 2. Combat tended to revolve around eliminating the enemy's hero, and any unit that was particularly vulnerable to it was usually not even considered for play.

Speaking of Nations, I've limited the number to about 8 per side (so 16 overall), with a few units each and an overarching theme for each country- either some particular tech or capability that accentuates certain play styles (or bloc of countries, as a lot of them would intuitively cooperate with close neighbours to be a strong enough fighting force). So the German faction is heavy vehicular assault (unusual for Allies), while the Vietnamese faction uses tunnels for efficient logistics and sneak attacks.
(1 Reply)
SOTF Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yo. Wanted to say that your Red Alert Zero concepts should've been what a true sequel to RA2 was.

However, one thing still bugs me - is Yuri still a playable faction? Also, you mentioned that Yuri was a little bit more successful this time around; what is his fate in this supposed sequel?
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
This game is intended as a parallel-universe spinoff (long story short, Einstein tries a different attempt to rewrite history).
Yuri is the Premier of the Soviet Union- so basically, it's Allies vs Soviets (with Yuri in charge).
SOTF Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
So in a sense, it overwrites the original RA2 storyline? (similar to Mental Omega, because it's a retelling of RA2 in an entirely new light). Or is it a post RA2/YR timeline?

Some fun trivia: it's hypothesized that Yuri was the true mastermind, not Romanov, of the Soviets from the very start of RA2. There's a lot of subtle hints in the Soviet Campaign for this.
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yep- overwrites the original storyline.
Einstein goes back in time to simultaneously erase Hitler (to prevent WW2) and Stalin (to prevent the Red Alert wars).

The result is the Red Alert Zero reality- with a few extra twists on the universe occurring within :)

And for Yuri, I figured as much- and of course, there is the possibility that "Yuri" was just being controlled by one of the brains in jars in his lab (Soviet Ending)....
(1 Reply)
VMetalic Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
Hi Harry :)
Just wanted to say that I am somehow getting back into RAZ mood ^^
Harry-the-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Miro! Funny you should say that, I've been thinking the same thing...
(even had a bunch of awesome ideas for most of the units and their functions)

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