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May 3, 2013
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Faded Haven Submachinegun by Harry-the-Fox Faded Haven Submachinegun by Harry-the-Fox
For the game "Faded Haven" by Pheonix Dreams Entertainment.

Basically, a form of 'submachinegun' or 'assault rifle' using the classical but other-worldly technology of the game's universe.
The bullets are ordinary musket balls, but are poured into the lidded box at the top (which in turn tumble into the firing chamber).
Propulsion uses a material that regenerates a supply of explosive fluid that can be ignited by match or flintlock (the latter applies for most of these guns).
However, normally this process takes a moment, a rapid-fire gun normally wouldn't be possible! So, to accelerate the rate of fire, a revolving mechanism containing a number of these propulsion cores had been added- the mechanism spins rapidly as the gun fires, giving the mechanisms more time to regenerate.

To retain a classical appearance, and imply advanced but unusual technology, I based the gun partly off the Chu Ko Nu (the Chinese repeating-crossbow), and mixed it with the bulky metalic revolving core (the spinning being reminiscent of classical gatling guns!)
The rear mechanism is rather simple as I couldn't figure out what to do with it- and rather than hold back the project just for that, I decided to leave it as-is for now, as I wanted to see if the overall appearance was in the right direction!

Hope you like it!
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TheJugglingOctopus Dec 8, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Is this your design for the game? Or a drawing of the gun from the game? I am unfamiliar with it so I was wondering if it was actually in the game.
Harry-the-Fox Dec 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This is my design for the game :)
TheJugglingOctopus Feb 6, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Is this YOUR game? Would you mind if I built a hand held prop of this weapon. NOT for resale just for kicks.
Harry-the-Fox Feb 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
The game ain't mine- it's a free-to-play indie game by Pheonix Dreams, that I helped do some concept art for.
But I reckon they wouldn't mind ;)
TheJugglingOctopus Feb 12, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Already started!
Dreiks May 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks fine to me but i do have a few things to note, comment or suggest.
1. It's made of wood. Although I like wood, wouldn't the gun serve longer time if it's frame was made of something sturdier, then again there are some incredibly sturdy trees in Lavir.
2. The Mimic gun stones are not liquid, they are hard like any mineral. Then again that can still be changed, if you prefer liquid, so be it.
3. How about moving the bullet container backwards, over the revolver mechanism? You could need to make a protective layer that separates both, but I think that it might look a bit better.
4. The frame won't hold I think. I'm mostly speaking about the front part. i mean it looks like the gun could fall apart any minute, and the explosions of the stone do put some strain on the gun.
5. Why not leave the rear mechanism almost as it is? :) The clock like thing would turn thee cores while the trigger when hold down moves a firestone shard to the cores which ignites the cores. Or something like that.
6. A few decorations and a bit more stylish design? Person who can afford a gun with multiple cores have enough money to make it look good :)
Harry-the-Fox May 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
1- actually wood is quite durable and lasts for a very long time (especially in weather conditions as evidenced by the wooden finish on the AKs).

2- I thought, what if the mimic gunstones were hard solid (possibly organic) material that secretes explosive gel? That way when the fluid explodes, the material (which could wrap around the firing chamber) would simply remain intact, where it is? I don't mind either way, I can change the description.

3- If you want I can move the container easily enough- though technically, for the gun to work the bullets MUST fall in front of the revolving mechanism (the blast comes from behind to shoot it forward)

4- That was something I wanted to ask you about; how to hold the frame;
-classical guns simply wrap a thin bar of metal (brass usually) around both barrel and wooden stock to hold them together (usually at the front)
-Internal mechanisms hold them in place (usually modern guns)- usually a bracket is drilled through the front and back that connects to the gun
-something else?

5-No probs! I was thinking the windup device could be an initializer (to get a few turns going), while the design of the spinning core allows the pressure from the blast to turn the mechanism itself?

6- Definitely! I designed it to accomodate decorations (that strange shape on the box is there to illustrate how the bullets fall- but also a good template for where gilding can occur!
Dreiks May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
1. Ok :)
2. I'll leave the decision to you :) the basic reason why I chose the hard version was because I was thinking about the way some minerals create a spark upon impact, but then i went for a mineral that explodes upon heat so the first quality doesn't apply anymore, or does it?
3. Does it have to be a straight way down? Can't it be a slope? Also perhaps some mechanism that would push the bullets for faster reloading?
4. I personally prefer less visible connections, then again more visible ones might provide a decorative element. How about you make a fast sketches to see which works better?
5. Sounds good.
6. Yup ^^
Harry-the-Fox May 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
2- as I said, I'm happy to change it; let me know what you decide!
3- Not at all! The bullets could come from BELOW in a curvy box or drum if you want (how modern rifles do it). The only technical limitation is that the part of the gun the bullets come into should be in front of the spinning cylinder! ;)
4- No probs; that makes things actually a lot simpler!
Dreiks May 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Stay with hard cores for now :) Put the bullet chamber where ever it seems fit to you :)
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